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Participation is possible through oral presentations and virtual/ online presentations (Out of Turkey) (by Google Hangouts on air with ICOAEF Youtube channels (01020304). There will be no special hall for Virtual(Online) Presentations. All Presentations will be in same halls indiscrimatingly (Oral or Virtual). The only thing that authors should have for online presentation is having a Gmail account. But for online presentations;

    • Authors should fill in all required information (Address, Mobile Phone, Gmail Address) during their abstract submission

    • There will be NO RECORDED presentation for online presentation. Organization Committee will include Authors(by their Gmail address) to live sessions depending on Conference Program.

  • PowerPoint, Prezi etc. presentations are preferable because of screen sharing option of Google Hangouts.
  • Certificate of Participant (CoP) of Online presentations will be sent to Author’s addresses or E-Mail Addresses up to author’s choice. There won’t be any difference in CoP for Oral or Virtual(Online) Presentations.

For Any Question, Feel Free to contact with us for Virtual(Online) Presentations

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